Fruits Basket is one of my favourite anime and manga series. As much as I love the anime series, it’s not as good as the source material mainly due to important things being left out or changed completely.

A second season is pretty much impossible. The hat was left out, which is so important to the story and plays a huge role. Akito is ill and is going to die from it, whereas in the manga he’s perfectly fine (though does become ill every now and then). Not to mention *spoiler alert* Akito is in fact female in the manga. This isn’t the anime’s fault, since this little bit of information isn’t revealed until later on in the series which hadn’t been published at the time the anime was in production.

The timeline in the anime is slightly different to the manga, Tohru doesn’t meet Hiro until after she see Kyo’s true form in the manga series whereas in the anime it happens before. Tohru doesn’t meet Akito after seeing Kyo’s transformation either.

It probably is possible to fix the errors that were made, just like what has happened to Blue Exorcist and Black Butler. But I personally believe a remake would be better. To start the series from the very beginning and following the manga as faithfully as possible.

It’s also been so long since the anime series was released (2001). Next year the manga will be turning 20, which I know because I’m one month older than it. Maybe they’ll remake the anime to celebrate that? Or animate Fruits Basket Another – which I don’t think has been finished.

A remake is probably unlikely anyway, I heard online (not sure how reliable) that the mangaka didn’t want to work with an anime studio again after having disagreements about the first series. Since it’s the internet and it wasn’t from a reliable source or the mangaka herself, it’s probably not true.

I’m still going to hope for a remake or a second season, since I really love this series.

What do you think? Should it be remade or left alone? Leave a comment below!