This was the worst Pokémon game I’ve ever played, in my opinion. I’ve played all the games in the main series (except B&W2). This was the most disappointing. I found it boring compared to other games, and too easy. It was too easy to catch Reshiram. The only thing I like about the game is that the Elite Four was challenging (only because the sleepy one used psychic).

It had a kinda okay storyline, but it was the same as every other game in the series. This isn’t what made me hate it exactly, since it would mean that I’d hate every Pokémon game. It just didn’t have this as a redeeming quality.

The new Pokémon weren’t anything special, in fact I found it incredibly difficult building a decent team with the new Pokémon. I ended up using Pokémon from previous Gens that I could catch in the game. The starters weren’t anything special either, I ended up ditching mine (oshawott) later on in the game when I was able to bring in Pokémon from previous games I own. I did get all three, but the only decent one is Snivy which I fully evolved, so I regret not going for him.

There wasn’t much to do post game either, I think a caught an axew and then I got him to evolve. That was it. I then used Black to move all of my old Pokémon to X. I’ve since wiped my save file and I was going to replay it to see if I’d like it better after a second play through.

I got bored early on in the game and I was sick of having crap Pokémon on my team, which meant I had to do a lot of level grinding to be able to get past the gym. I didn’t want to level them all up to only discard them shortly after, since I’d rather use that time to train Pokémon I’d end up keeping and using.

If the game offered better Pokémon earlier in the game, I’d probably like it and I would have enjoyed it more than I did.

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