I have to say that Konoha is probably one of my favourite cities in anime. Unlike the world of Attack on Titan, where there’s the risk of getting eaten by Titans, or Tokyo in Tokyo Ghoul where there’s the risk of being eaten by ghouls – Konoha is pretty safe in comparison. There’s also a dango shop, and since I’ve seen Clannad, I have an obsession with dango.


Also, my favourite character, Itachi, lived in Konoha. Along with several others like Neji, Kakashi, Shikamaru and Temari (later on in the series). How could I say no to living here?


While Konoha has been destroyed, and probably isn’t immune to being knocked down, I guess there isn’t any real danger to living there. Unless someone unleashes a tailed beast or Pain decides to completely flatten everything again. I still wouldn’t say no to living here if I could. It does look like a nice place to live and isn’t too run down and shabby looking.


Look at how bright and colourful it is.

But why Konoha over the other villages? I hate sand, so Sunagakure is out. Sand between toes is probably the worst feeling ever. It also hurts so much when it flies into eyes (ha that rhymes). Sand reminds me of the time when I went to a beach to do a geography project with my school, and it was extremely windy. I had all this sand in my hair, and there was tons in my shoes. Definitely not nice. I wouldn’t live there even if Itachi moved there. Okay, that sounds kinda harsh, but I hate sand.

I don’t really know the other villages that well either, I don’t really remember much about them other than their names. Except for the rainy one where Pain lived. I probably wouldn’t mind living there, but it seems so dull and dreary in comparison to Konoha.


Plus Konan lived there… and she’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, Amegakure is so dull. Just compare it to Konoha. Then again, you can’t judge a village on appearance.


I’d also like to eat ramen at Ichiraku’s. It must be really good if Naruto’s obsessed with it. How many times has Naruto eaten ramen there? A lot.


Although I’m sure Naruto would settle for any ramen…

Konoha also has so much history, which must be interesting. I’m not a huge fan of history, but if something is interested then I’ll enjoy learning about it. There must be so many different stories.


Look at how awesome that is. I’m always mesmerised by Valley of the End whenever it appears on screen. It just looks really nice.


It must also be so fun to attend the ninja academy. I know I would if I could.

Anyway, what anime city/village would you live in and why? Leave a comment below!