With the end of Bleach, I thought about writing an article for it. And this is it. Throughout the show, Ichigo is revealed to retain many powers in his human body. Some he was born with and others he came to acquire. But, even though he is the main character and needs to win in his Shonen world, he doesn’t need so many powers.  1

     Shinigami powers: ok that’s good, it got the whole show started. Hollow powers: What? It’s still ok, he looks badass it’s fine. Fullbringer Powers: what the hell is this stupid shit. Why does he need this at all. And to top it all of, he loses his powers in like two seconds. Quincy: Alright Kubo, what are you smoking. You are just shoving the powers of every single race you created into your main character and he still gets his ass beat.



If we observe the latest chapter of Bleach, we can clearly see that all Ichigo really need was shinigami powers. He beats Yhwach with the original Zangetsu he obtained during the beginning of the series. That’s all he needed. Kubo didn’t need to give him anymore than that. Ichigo obtained unnecessary powers, just for the sake of new arcs and plot advancements and he still loses sometimes. In the end, all I’m saying is, Ichigo be one thing and one thing only. The badass shinigami we all know.