In my opinion, Itachi VS Sasuke is the best fight I’ve ever seen in anime. I was really looking forward to it, and slightly dreading it at the same time (Itachi is my favourite character). It definitely didn’t disappoint me.

The music used for the fight is really good, I don’t normally listen to music during fights or pay attention to it, but I did for this fight.

The fight itself was really exciting, and it was really unpredictable (except I knew it would end with Itachi dying). From early on, it was obvious that it wouldn’t be a quick fight and would last for several episodes. It was also obvious that it wouldn’t be straightforward and would involve twists and turns whenever Itachi would use Genjutsu or Sasuke would get out of a trap.

It was also weird to see Itachi acting like he wanted to kill Sasuke, since I knew Itachi’s intentions behind the whole thing. It also made me feel sad knowing that Itachi was going to die and Sasuke wouldn’t know the truth. Itachi is sacrificing so much, and it makes me admire him more.

The fight is well paced. There isn’t too much talking or too much fighting. It’s evenly balanced so we can see them fight as well as talk a little bit. It also wasn’t over too soon, and it didn’t drag out like how some Naruto fights do. It wasn’t full of unnecessary flashbacks, so I didn’t get bored. It kept me engaged and I didn’t want the fight to end.

Itachi’s death was also handled very well. It wasn’t rushed over, but it wasn’t dragged out. There was also the silence when he was saying his final words to Sasuke, which gave the fight mystery, we had to wait several episodes to find out what he said. This made his death make a greater impact than it would have done if his final words were revealed as soon as he said them.

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