Itachi is one of the strongest characters in Naruto. I’m fairly certain that he wouldn’t have been killed by Sasuke had he A) not wanted to be killed by him and B) didn’t have some mysterious illness (which I’m certain is the main reason he died).

Itachi was a prodigy. He was in ANBU when he was only 13, at that age most children would still be genin, He was also a pacifist, and would do anything if it meant stopping a war from starting. He’d also give up his own life to protect the Leaf.

He killed his whole clan, except for Sasuke, to protect the Leaf from a potential war from starting.

In my opinion, Itachi would have been a great Hokage. He was the perfect shinobi, and I don’t doubt that he would have been a brilliant Hokage.

Had the Uchiha not tried to start a Coup, and Itachi not falling terminally ill, I’m sure that Itachi would have been Hokage.

He had the self-sacrifice needed to be a great Hokage. He sacrificed his whole family, and everything, to protect the Leaf. He sacrificed his little brother’s love for him, which is something that meant a lot. He acted as the bad guy, so no one would find out that it wasn’t his idea to kill his family. That he didn’t actually want to, but did it for the Leaf. He acted like a bad guy so Sasuke would seek revenge and would never find out the truth.

He sacrificed everything for the village, which is something a Hokage should do.

Itachi spent the majority of his life protecting the Leaf. He didn’t have to protect the Leaf when he was part of the Akatsuki, but he did. He could have hated the village for what they made him do, for the family and the love of his little brother he lost. When he was part of the Akatsuki, he pulled strings to make sure the Leaf would be safe. He came back to the Leaf to make sure Sasuke was alright, and was treated like a criminal the whole time.

Itachi would have been a great Hokage. Do you agree? Leave a comment below!