I’ve been playing Pokémon for years and I’ve bought almost every game that has been released. So I’ve decided to list the reasons why Pokémon X is my favourite game. This is my own personal opinion.


The introduction of Fairy-type Pokémon is one of the reasons why this game is my favourite. They’re surprisingly very powerful. No one has a chance against me if I have my Xerneas and Sylveon on my team.


The game also allowed character customisation, something I really enjoyed throughout the game. I was able to make my character look like me. I ended up spending a lot of my money on clothes and accessories to wear, rather than on Pokéballs. This made the game different to the others, I was so upset when this feature was removed in ORAS.


Another feature I enjoyed was Pokémon-Amie and Super Training, this gave me something to do during my adventure. Pokémon-Amie allowed me to have a very powerful Xerneas and Sylveon, because if a Pokémon has five hearts, they’re more likely to land critical hits and less likely to be knocked out. I made it through the Elite Four on ORAS using this method (different game, I know). Super Training also let me control my Pokémon’s EVs (another reason why my Xerneas is super powerful).


I loved the PSS, it made it easier to trade and battle with other players, as well as my friends. The wonder trade is also very fun, and I’ve received a few cool Pokémon through it. This game is still fun to play now because of this feature, I always have something to do on the game.


The only negative thing about this game is how easy it is to complete. The Elite Four is too easy, and there is no real challenge. I beat gym leaders without really trying, and I could take out the Elite Four with just my Xerneas. Even Xerneas was easy to catch. I loved the older games because of how challenging they were. I had been playing Pokémon Fire Red for six years before I was able to defeat the Elite Four, and other generations I had help from borrowing Pokémon from my brothers or friends, or just getting someone else to do it for me.

Even legendaries were harder to catch. I don’t exactly miss spending hours trying to catch them, but I wish it wasn’t so easy as it is now.


What is your favourite Pokémon game? Leave a comment below!