If you don’t recognize the two names in the title, shame on you. Let me remind you of whom i am speaking of. These are the two individual who have most notably created Death Note. I mean come on, these two creators are amazing and I am about to explain why. And Spoiler Alert, if you haven’t read or watched Death Note, Bakuman, or the recent chapters of Platinum End.    Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba have created many notable works together over years such as Death Note, Bakuman and most recently Platinum End. We are going to discuss each story to highlight both creators at their best. They have produced some amazing stories and each one varies but still they have amazing plots, great story and character development and an overall great reception


Let’s start with Death Note, the masterpiece about about a boy who tries to change the world by traveling the path of darkness. In this amazing story, Light Yagami, our main character, finds the Death Not, a magical notebook that can kill people. He views it as sign that only he can rid the world of the rotten and corrupt people and become, as he calls it, the “God of the New World” He soon comes face to face with his most worthy adversary, L and the show continues on with Light trying to accomplish his final goal. In the end, Light loses to L’s reincarnation, Near. I don’t like him but that’s not the point. What the point is, is how the entire story progress and what the premise of the show was. It shows how skillful Ohba is, in scripting the story. We knew the ending of this show by the very beginning. Ryuk, a shinigami, even told us how it would end. Light would die because he used the Death Note and Ryuk would be the shinigami would write Light’s name in his own book. That, to me, was an amazing literical viewpoint, allowing the readers to see the end game. The way the characters progressed was also amazing, coupled with Light’s convoluted and complex plots to win against L. Obata did an equally amazing job, drawing the scenes to perfection and giving us the ominous and chilly feeling that we were suppose to be experiencing throughout the entire anime.


Let’s move onto Bakuman, a light hearted shift into what Takeshi and Tsugumi could accomplish if they didn’t go the route of human depravity. A basic autobiography in anime form of the two creators of the very same manga. It follows the story of Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi, two high schoolers who try to become a manga illustrator and writer, respectively. It has an interesting overarching plot, with Moritaka making a promise to his crush, Miho Azuki, that if he makes a manga that gets turn into an anime and she stars as the main character then they should get married. Its was quite different from Death Note and provided the community an insight into the inner workings on manga gets made. The character development of both main characters solidifies their bond and we are witnesses to their growth. Ohba constantly provides us with twists and turns while Obata provides with a basic concept of mangaception, drawing a manga about drawing manga, with illustrious illustrations


And now we go towards their latest work, Platinum End, which is more reminiscent of the ominous human depravity that is Death Note. It follows the life of Mirai Kakehashi, a suicidal high schooler who is saved by an angel and is granted magical powers along with 12 other people to decide who will become the next God of this realm. It often develops into many important aspects of human nature, such as happiness or conformity to human society. Ohba, yet again does an amazing job explain these topics in relationship to the characters as does Obata as he draws the great skylines of Tokyo holding graceful humans metamorphosing into angels. Their recent work really captures the pure essence of what they can accomplish