To You, The Immortal is one of those series that provokes higher level thinking. It forces you to think about morality and human nature, whether something is right or wrong, good or evil. This manga started out with an amazing first chapter and currently has 11 chapters with updates weeklyish.

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To You, The Immortal is written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Oima. You may know her from her recent and very popular work Koe no Katachi or A Silent Voice. This manga started out with an amazing first chapter that was quite philosophical. It’s sleek and yet calm art style was really brought out with the comparison between the wolf and the human. It seems to be quite a riveting story and quite unique as well.Related image

The manga follows the story of a magical perhaps almighty sphere sent down by a higher power whose narration rules over our exposition. “It” is sent down to earth to see what it would do. An almighty shapeshifting sentient sphere traveled the land. I do recommend you read the first chapter because the events of the first chapter is truly heart-wrenching. The gritty wolf compared to the soft face of the boy shows the true contrast. It is quite the heart-wrenching story that you should definitely read