The Breaker is a Manhwa series made by Geuk-Jin Jeon and Jin-Hwan Park. It follows the cliche story of wimpy high schooler Shi-Woon Li, who is bullied almost everyday, which takes a surprising turn (that’s why I like it so much). Seeking liberation from this age old plot device, he gets help from his substitute teacher, Chun-Woo Han. As Shi-Woon learns from Chun-Woo, he also gets more invested into the world behind the veil of normaility; The Murim, a world where martial arts reign supreme. And the story continues from there.
Image result for the breakerSo why should you read? It may have a cliche plot premise but the story far advances any prior cliches making it all the more enjoyable. The story is kickass, and the art is amazing to boot. This is a martial arts Manwha and it has some pretty well drawn fight scenes
Image result for the breaker fightingThe characters are also amazing. The illustrators drawing style of the main character changes so slowly through the story that by the end of the first part, you may not recognize the child drawn in chapter one. (Plus most of the Female characters are drawn to perfection)
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I, personally, have read and re-read this Manwha about 5 times. To me it’s just that badass, I need to relive it everytime I remember it. Before writing this article I had to read it again. Trust me, this is a Manwha you will really, really like.


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