Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where you can either become a hero or throw lives into chaos, where every choice you make
actually affects the world around you. The game doesn’t re-spawn people and if you kill a shop-keeper you can’t shop there anymore; affecting what is available to you in that area. The landscape is barren and the play style filled to the brim with possibilities.
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This game is Bethesda’s Fallout 3 and their first step into the franchise since they had purchased it. The game runs on the same engine as Oblivion but has a much less classic RPG feel with the inclusion of guns.The engine runs amazingly throughout the world and keeps the massive map running smoothly with a few funny bugs here and there that may make a few two-headed cows float around.
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 There are plenty of quests to keep you busy and challenged no matter how many games you played in the 360 and ps3 library. On top of the game being stuffed full of quests and game play to keep you busy for months it also has a slew of collectibles for completion lovers to find and in some cases destroy in a certain quest where you must find a rare type of enemy. There is also a story  that you can choose to ignore or play through where you are trying to find your father after he leaves you prompting the start of the game in which you must escape the vault that you have been living in and escape into the world you had only heard wild stories about.
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Fallout‘s whole art style is perfectly ugly and has a mesh of browns, greens, and grey everywhere you look. The un-barren parts of the landscape are littered with metal and distorted looking homes and businesses with even worse looking decor inside.The people look tired and there are no beauty products in this to help out and their attitudes are hardly ever kind when you first encounter them.
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 So what type of gamer would enjoy a game like this? The answer is actually really broad especially since this game won game of the year. This game appeals to people who love deep stories, RPG lovers, and even fans of mainstream games like Call of Duty and Halo. Thanks to all the precious time and resources Bethesda uses in their games they have managed to craft a masterpiece that can make almost any type of gamer enjoy or at least appreciate Fallout and everything in it. Even people who have a hard time justifying spending money on games feel secure knowing that they can play it on their home computer and have endless things to do thanks to the incredibly dedicated Mod scene!
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