This anime aired a week ago, and it’s definitely something worth watching. This anime is about a girl who was reincarnated and is on the front lines of war. There’s also magic in this anime, which I don’t think fits but somehow it works very well.

My initial thoughts on the art style is that it’s odd. Tanya looks so strange. It’s also very dark, so it seems like the magic wouldn’t fit.

The first episode didn’t really give too much away, and not really much happened story-wise. There was a fight or two, which kept me drawn into the anime. So far, nothing has been revealed about where the story is heading. Maybe I wasn’t reading the subtitles and staring at the art style. I’m hoping I didn’t miss anything though.

These two girls do not seem like they’d fit into a war at all. This anime handles out of place things very well, which is amazing since when I first looked at it I thought “this isn’t going to work at all”. It’s kind of frustrating how well things work together, which just makes this anime amazing.

When the episode ended I wanted to watch more, and I’ve been waiting to watch the next episode. I kind of wish I’d heard of this anime when it had finished so I could binge it, as I can tell I’m going to be left on cliffhangers.

This anime is extremely likeable, although there isn’t much to comment on since the first episode barely gave anything away. You can’t even explain what happens in the episode or story-wise without giving away massive spoilers. My friend had trouble trying to persuade me to watch this anime, and after seeing the first episode I understand why.

I don’t want to post spoilers, since then that defeats the point of trying to persuade people to watch it. If the description of the anime doesn’t persuade you into watching it then I don’t know what will. I think that this works well though, since I’ve found that descriptions give too much away so the first episode is boring. Ouran High School Host Club would be much better if Haruhi being a she wasn’t given away by the description.

Anyway, there is so much mystery surrounding this anime. I think that this is a very good thing as it keeps the viewers on their toes, not knowing what is going to happen. Plus, most people are curious and the vague description is going to draw them into it, it definitely drew me in.

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