I did start watching this film a while ago, but I didn’t really get into it. Then I heard more people say it’s really good, so I gave it another go (and it placed #1 on a Top 10 Anime Movie list). I expected to cry a lot more than I did, I admit that I cried a little but not at the part everyone else cried at (yay, spoilers). Overall, it’s not a super sad film, so if that’s not your film then don’t worry.

This review is going to contain spoilers at the end, I really need to rant, so I’ll leave a warning just before in case you haven’t yet seen this film.

This film is so adorable, yet heart-breaking at the same time. The story was sort of predictable for the first thirty minutes or so, due to the film’s title. After that, I couldn’t predict what was going to happen, which is something I enjoyed. There are too many films that are so similar or cliché that I can just predict everything that’s going to happen and I end up getting bored of watching it and moving onto something else.

The art-style was a little off-putting at first, I have to be honest. It seemed that Hana’s eyes didn’t quite line up sometimes and everything just seemed so – weird? It’s hard to put into words. However, I did get used to the art style after a while, it wasn’t too bad that I couldn’t continue watching the film.

It was so difficult to dislike the characters, except for the old man later on (he’s an ass). The character development is very good too, it’s probably the best I’ve seen because I literally saw Ame and Yuki grow up, and it was done in a good way. Hana grew up too, she went from being a single mother raising two children – and being pretty useless – to being able to stand up for herself and working so hard to make things work.

The way the characters grow and develop is so evenly paced it seems natural, it’s not noticeable until you really think about it. The character development also pushed the story onwards, as the characters grew, the story developed, except for at first where character development lacked and the story was the main focus.

The beginning of the story is purely focused on setting everything up and then developing the story. However, this transitions very nicely into a more character-development driven storyline when Hana moves.

*Spoilers* Just for this section though.

When the wolf-dude died, I didn’t cry. His character wasn’t developed enough for me to get attached, however, if he died at the end I’m certain I would cry a lot. I knew he died as well, and I had already seen the film (yay for a Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths list on YouTube, spoiling so much for me…).

Although, when he returned in Hana’s dream when she collapsed while searching for Ame, I cried. I don’t know why but there were just too many feels for me to handle.

This film is very good, and I completely understand why so many people love it. It’s not one of my favourites, but I definitely really like it.

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