Imagina complete government control where the mere thoughts of crime will get you arrested and killed. We’ve all seen this dystopian setting in entertainment like 1984, and Brave New World. It’s the kind of world that would be idealistic but realistically turns into a complete shit show. This is the basis of Psycho Pass, the anime written by Gen Urobuchi

While other stories may have human controlled government or part robotic governments, the controlling group in Psycho Pass is called the Sybil System, vast and interconnected work of robots that deem whether a person has a high psycho pass meaning they have a high chance of carrying out a crime.

It seems like an interesting idea to rid the world of crime and the probability of it ever happening but Psycho Pass clearly shows why it’s a horrible idea. It will do what is right not what is good. It will do things based on facts and feelings. Since it is a robot it is subject to anomalies, once one is introduced the system goes into a frenzy. Overall, it is a bad idea and there is no good outcome. On the surface, it may seem like a good idea but no it leads to a lot of unnecessary death and destruction