Your Name overtook Spirited Away as highest grossing film. They’re both very popular and both have been watched a lot of times. So let’s compare the two films.

They both have very good stories, Spirited Away being the most unusual one. They’re similar in a way too, since they both explore supernatural themes. Your Name with its body-swapping and Spirited Away with Chihiro becoming Sen in a world full of spirits. I like both stories, and I can’t pick what one is best. Mainly because they are both really good.

I also watched both because I heard people talk about them, rather than hear what it’s about and decide that way. I watched both because they’re popular, and if they’re popular then there’s a high chance that it’s good. When I watched Spirited Away, I was trying to get into Studio Ghibli films since they’re very famous, and I heard that it was the most popular one.

For characters, I’d say I prefer Your Name’s characters. Chihiro was a little too annoying for my liking, and I couldn’t really relate to her at all. When I watched Spirited Away, Chihiro was a lot younger than me, whereas there isn’t as big of an age gap between me and Your Name’s characters. It’s easier for me to relate to the characters in Your Name than in Spirited Away, which gives Your Name an unfair advantage.

I can’t really compare animation, because Your Name was created recently and technology has progressed a lot since Spirited Away was made. Both have really good animation from the time they were made.

I prefer Your Name’s art-style though. It’s more appealing to me, as Studio Ghibli tend to be more simplistic with their art-styles. But that’s just my opinion.

Overall, it’s easy to see why both of these films are so popular and why they have done well. I personally prefer Your Name, since I never really saw the hype about Spirited Away – it’s good but I never thought it was as good as people said it was. It doesn’t help I prefer other Studio Ghibli films over Spirited Away either. My opinion is also slightly biased since I watched Your Name today and it’s been a while since I watched Spirited Away.

So what do you think of these two films? Leave a comment below!