Episode 7 of Yuri on Ice was great, and if you haven’t seen it then I recommend you watch it to avoid spoilers.

This episode was amazing. It had some really, really good character development in it, especially Yuri and Victor’s relationship. Yuri crying in front of Victor meant quite a lot, it showed how comfortable Yuri is with Victor, since at the beginning of the series he would hide in the bathroom to cry, and wouldn’t even talk to his mother while crying either. So for him to cry so openly in front of Victor meant he had grown quite a bit as a character.

Victor got to see Yuri’s vulnerable side, and he didn’t run. He stayed and he comforted him (in his own way). Yuri can be weak in front of Victor and he won’t run away, which to me means that their relationship is very strong. Despite Yuri being unable to cope with stress and anxiety, Victor still has faith that Yuri will do well.

More importantly YURI AND VICTOR KISSED!! I wasn’t expecting it, and I nearly started screaming and crying and becoming a crazy fangirl. My boyfriend is lucky this didn’t happen since it would have woken him up. I rewatched it several times to make sure my eyes weren’t fooling me.

They kissed!!

I still can’t believe it. This anime isn’t yaoi, it’s sports. And it has a kiss scene between two male characters. It’s the definition of perfect (for a sports anime, that is).

I obviously spent a ton of time on Tumblr after, to see the reactions of everyone else that had seen the episode. It seems that most people believe they kissed, with very few believing they hugged.

I’d cry if they revealed it was a simple hug in the next episode, but deep down I’ll always believe they kissed, even if it ends up not being canon.

Moving on from that, the skating was really nice to watch. While one characters was cringey (I can’t remember his name), it didn’t really put the others down so it’s easy to overlook that performance and enjoy the others. I especially loved Yuri’s.

Especially since it ended up with Yuri running towards Victor and Victor kissing Yuri.

The episode was so great and it’s really made me look forward to seeing the rest of the series, I’m really glad I didn’t wait for the dub to be released and switched to the sub instead (I will be watching the dub too, I like the voices).

So what are your thoughts on the episode? Leave a comment below!