This anime finished airing not that long ago, and do I miss this show. I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did. I also misjudged it and assumed it was yuri (as in girlxgirl) and not Yuri as in a character called Yuri. Oops.

Anyway, overall this anime is one of the best 12 (correct me if I’m wrong) episode anime I’ve seen. It covered so much within that space, which most 12 episode anime fail to do within that time frame. It had everything from really good character development to good story development. Something I hadn’t expected at all, considering I watched it due to the yaoi ships. I expected it to be like Free!, something that’s enjoyable to watch but there’s not much to it story-wise.

The animation is brilliant, it’s so appealing to look at. I did have to miss subtitles to stare at the animation, but it was worth it.

For something that has no source material, it really is an amazing series. I think this works out better for the series, as there’s no worry about running out of source material nor is there any worry about fans hating the adaptation due to it not being truthful.

It also did amazingly well, for something that had no fanbase whatsoever. It blew up with popularity due to word of mouth, or people curious about what this anime is like. I wouldn’t have watched this anime had my friend not told me to watch it, which she did while raving about how good it is.

There isn’t really much to hate about the series, unless you’re not into yaoi. Some characters were annoying, but I liked that. It made every character seem so real since some I hated everything about them and some I hated pieces of them. Some I loved entirely and adored throughout (Viktor mainly).

This anime also included a gay couple, without the series genre being yaoi. Not many people have had the guts to produce something like this. I believe this will change anim e in the future, and hopefully yaoi/yuri will be more accepted and enjoyed throughout the community. It did something risky, since it could have easily been met with negative reviews. Instead, it gained positive reviews and shocked everyone. No one was expecting them to kiss, which helped push the series into being more popular.

Everyone started talking about it everywhere, causing more people to hear about it. This was a very good move by the studio. Especially since I went from liking the series to absolutely adoring it.

Overall, this anime series is very good. It’s definitely something worth watching.

What are your thoughts on Yuri on Ice? Did you like the series? Leave a comment below!